Our Story

About Kori Whiskey


Made by masters of their art

Our glasses blend ancient craftsmanship with modern innovation to enhance the complex flavors and aromas of whiskey. Precision-engineered curves, balanced weight, and crystal-clear glass ensure each sip is a taste of tradition and excellence. At Kori Whiskey, every glass embodies a storied heritage, offering both exceptional quality and a sensory journey through the art of spirit-making.


What drives us

Our Mission

At Kori Whiskey, we seek to provide whiskey glassware to our generation of whiskey drinkers. For whiskey drinkers remain the true frontiersmen of the world, embracing the fire of that first sip, the smoky siren call of peat, and the warming embrace of the spirit in our stomachs.

What do we do?

We started Kori Whiskey with one goal: to live our whiskey. To learn, understand, optimize, and enjoy the entire whiskey experience. We began by recording fine whiskies, tasting, learning, loving, and living them. Our obsession led us to create perfect glassware for whiskey drinkers.

Our promise to you

Kori Whiskey will continue to provide glassware worthy of the blessed spirit you choose to pour. We promise prompt shipping via registered track and trace. Most importantly, we promise to keep enjoying our whiskey, ensuring each glass meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.


Original Japanese style Craftsmanship

At Kori Whiskey, our glassware is more than just a drinking accessory; it's a testament to an ancient tradition of meticulous craftsmanship. Each piece is the result of countless hours of dedication and skill, honed over generations by master artisans who understand the delicate balance between form and function.


Every Kori Whiskey glass is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, blending timeless techniques with modern innovation to elevate the whiskey experience.


Rooted in tradition, Kori Whiskey honors the legacy of fine spirits and the legendary drinkers who have shaped the world of whiskey.


Kori Whiskey glassware is designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life, offering a unique and sophisticated touch to every pour and celebration.


Our wooden Box conquers the world - be the first one to touch your Kori glass, after its master.

Each Glass comes in the original wooden casing for you to be the very next person to have touched the glass after it’s craftsman. Enjoy the unique experience of drinking whisky out of those marvellous glasses.