Kaiyo - EDO Japanese Whiskey Glass
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The Kaiyo Whiskey Glass is our most precious masterpiece. This premium quality piece is handmade employing most elaborated techniques from artisans using high grade crystal glass.

The first production of the Kayio is limited to 50 Pieces. 16/50 left in stock.

The procedure necessary to achieve the carefully designed shape requires the artisan to work on a piece almost 3 times longer compared to other glassware.  The procedure used to craft this masterpiece is one of the most demanding in the handcrafted glass Industry. Only the most experienced craftsman are able to manufacture a Kaiyo.

The required shape is very complex to achieve and our quality requirements extremely high. On average only 1 of 3 Kaiyos manufactured is able to be listed on our website.

This is a picture of

Satoshi, one of our craftsman while shaping a Kayio Whiskey Glass.

The shape is meant to reproduce the

surface of the ocean while experiencing high waves. The glass is robust but at the same time delicate and crystal clear in order for you to enjoy the true malt color of your dram. («Kaiyo» Ocean in Japanese)

Each Glass comes in the original wooden casing for you to be the very next person to have touched the Kaiyo after it’s craftsman. 

Enjoy your malt in your new unique Kaiyo Japanese Whiskey Glass, the most precious masterpiece at Kori Whiskey.




Capacity: 255ml or 1.05 Cups

Material: Crystal Glass

Size: 4.5cm*7.3cm*8.2cm 


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All orders are otherwise normally handled and shipped within 1-4 working days. Once your order has been shipped it will usually take between 8-16 business days to arrive to your destination, depending on where you are located. Kori Whiskey is working around the clock but due to the recent peak season and Covid-19 lockdowns in Asia, shipping may take longer than usual. 

If you for whatever reason are unhappy with your purchase you can contact our support by clicking "Contact Us" within 30 days of receiving the product and start the return process. We usually respond within 2 business days.

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