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Get the Whisky and enjoy it in one of your breathtaking glasses. The Omoi is handmade using the most durable Crystal Glass. The Omoi was designed to have an extra thick and heavy base to ensure durability of the glass, preserve the temperature of your drink and of course provide a sensational drinking experience. ( «Omoi» , Heavy in Japanese). 

The extra thick base of the Omoi glass ensures durability by keeping rough handling from compromising or breaking the glass. It also  keeps your drink from warming, as temperature plays a significant role in drinking whiskey. If the whiskey gets too warm from your hand, you risk altering the flavors and aromas of the whiskey.


Each Glass comes in the original wooden casing for you to be the very next person to have touched the Omoi after it’s craftsman. Enjoy your favourite drink  in your new heavy base Omoi Japanese Whiskey Glass.



Capacity: 250ml or 1.05 Cups

Material: Mouth blown EDO Glass

Size: 5.8cm*9.6cm*7.5cm

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